9th December 2018

Corporate Services

Legal Paal helps takes overthe clerical and organisational management i.e. basically alladministrative encumbrance of your organisation to guaranteesatisfactory company set up while you concentrate on what you dobest: developing your business. You can rely on us to provide adevoted and committed team to manage all administrative work andconcerns to a high standard in a consistent, proficient andproductive way. What is in it for you is that your company will beappropriately and professionally set up from a legal, administrativeand accounting angle which is what you need to successfully maintain an effective corporate governance
Because of our internationalnetwork and presence, we can help establish the most resourceful andvaluable services that is tailored to your corporate and companyneeds in helping you realise your exact mission and goals whileensuring your company is absolutely in compliance with necessaryregulations

Would you like to have moreinformation, or directly discuss and access you needs with ourexperts to make sure it is tailored to your specific need? Do nothesitate to contact us.

Corporate Legal &Compliance

At Legal Paal, we believethat contracting out your crucial, less fundamental activities to aprofessional partner who is experienced in the field is better thattaking on the extra Tasks.
Why not transfer the extratasks and operational obligation to our experienced team so that youcan pay more attention and focus on your core business activities.
We provide an extensiverange of corporate legal services for your businesses. We followthrough every detail in the areas of your business, from registrationwith relevant authorities to implementation of all compliance.
Our teams of Experts arethorough and current when it comes to the latest information andregulation variations pertaining to your business and corporategovernance

For more detailed needstailored to your specific business needs and not limited to:

~Legal and complianceservices
•Corporate Governance
•Corporate Housekeeping
Trade association registration
Relevant trainings tailored to your needs
Medical Treatment, Care Services and Assessment
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Like many Business Managers,you might feel like you are spending too much valuable time andenergy in day administrative and checking compliance .So start savingtime and money today .Call us for the best service rate around

Legal Administration

Legal Paal put a greatimportance on providing support to our clients in a perfect,profitable way servicing their needs. Our varied services ranges from legal administrative services, such as contract management, actingas COLFA and COLPA case and bulk load management and ProjectsManagement Services Our corporate legal department can according toyour needs function as your internal legal department by providingthe following and more other services:
Drafting and execution of various documents and agreements
Convening and taking the minutes for Board and Shareholders meetings
Drafting of Board and Board resolutions
Archiving of compliance and importance documents
The above services and thereare many more! Yes, we do have seasoned and professional Legalpractitioners, paralegals and Marketing Professionals for yourbusiness needs